I’m Rachel, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m guessing you clicked on this page because you want to know a little more about me. So here goes…

Years ago I started questioning why I was surrounded by artificial, well, EVERYTHING. My body lotion, dish soap, cosmetics, laundry detergent, even clothing, was all packed with man-made chemicals and packaged in plastic. I started wondering how we drifted so far away from nature? In a nutshell, I realized it was all about money. Companies use these ingredients and packaging because when they do, they don’t have to put much effort into the crafting and preserving of the products. The art of “making” is getting lost.

In 2007 I opened an eco-friendly and fair trade gift shop called Green Envy Eco-Boutique. After 9 years in business I moved the shop online in hopes of traveling to my fair trade artisans and supporting them directly. While in pursuit of traveling I became even more engulfed in striving toward a zero waste lifestyle. I realized my priorities had shifted from selling eco-friendly items to living slowly, with purpose, and without harming the planet. So here we are today. I started The Wild Epiphany to share what I’ve learned, and to keep learning.